I’m Lucy. Just a normal-ish British girl slowly trying to make my way around the world (blogging and taking photos as I go).

My favourite places to explore are small, authentic and cultural towns, beautiful beaches and basically anywhere surrounded by palm trees. My goal is to work and save so I can travel as far as I possibly can and hopefully somewhere along the line I can keep living the dream by making travel my career.

In the Summer of 2016 I finally got the courage to book my first solo tour and I waved goodbye to rainy England to live out of a suitcase for 5 weeks as I traveled around Western Europe. I posted a lot about my trip on Instagram but I also vowed to write about everywhere I encountered in the most honest and realistic way possible and share it on this blog to give others like me the extra nudge they need to make that big decision and just GO.

So for now, that is my goal. You can read all about my travels – past, present and future – on this blog and if you’d like to follow my journey, I can be found on Twitter at @lucyTRVL , Instagram at @lucytrvl and Pinterest at @lucytrvl.

Look forward to connecting with you!

8 responses to “about

  1. Great blog! Excited to see your European Travels – i’m also a full time worker in London, and I’m trying to see as much as possible in the long weekends and annual leave – i’m getting there! Ha! My favourite European countries so far are Iceland and Slovenia. Iceland can we expensive, but if you can get to Slovenia i’d recommend Lake Bled and Ljubljana! 🙂 Happy Travels!

    • Hi Michaela, thank you for your kind comment! Good luck with your travels, hope you get to fit in some new and exciting place’s soon! Thanks for the tip on Iceland and Slovenia, I’m hoping I can do a winter Europe trip as well this year!

  2. Hi Lucy! Thank you for the follow. You have a great blog, looking forward to reading more of your travel adventures and tips 😀 – Faye

  3. Great site Lucy and thanks for stopping by The Long Way Home! I’m looking forward to following your European adventures and getting some ideas for my future trips! Happy travels 🙂

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