Five Simple Things I Love About Travel

This needs no introduction, these are quite simply five simple things I love about travel…

The feeling I have when I’m by the sea.

I am obsessed with the ocean. It takes away my worries and leaves me so calm. On my last trip to Greece I realised it more than ever. I stayed in a quiet bay called Kalami in Corfu. The mornings I spent walking down to the beach and listening to nothing but gentle waves rolling in and staring out at the early sun glimmering off the ocean… There’s nothing better.


Actually enjoying mornings.

I’m not typically a morning person when I’m at home, I don’t enjoy breakfast all that much and I rather just get mornings out of the way and move on with my day as quick as possible. But I cherish mornings abroad, feasting on fruit salads and croissants and local delicacies. This is made even better if you’re staying somewhere with a nice view and the chance to sit outside and indulge in the sunshine, something so lovely about the first sunlight of the day.

Smelling the heat.

I’ve tried to explain this one to my family many times, I’m not sure if they share my sentiment or whether they even have a clue what I’m talking about! Maybe I am mad, however I always sense what I would describe the ‘smell of heat’ and I can only think that it is the reaction of heat against tarmac on roads and this combo with ocean air, sun lotions and fresh flowers is my winning combo. If I could put this in a bottle and spray it all day long I totally would.

People watching.

We probably all do this everywhere we go without really noticing most of the time, but I’m convinced some of us get a real kick out of it. People-watching is something I always do when I’m traveling, it’s natural, I can’t help it! I watch locals interact and wonder what they’re talking about and how they know eachother. I watch them being enthusiastic and proud about their countries, their cultures and their cuisine. I watch as they enjoy their home country as much as I, the traveler, am. I relate them to people I see in my home country and sometimes I’m disappointed or even jealous. There are people in the world with less than I have and they enjoy life more simply and beautifully than I.

Feeling at home.

Or starting to at least. Most of the time I get so comfortable with my surroundings that before you know it, I’m mapping out my future life there, the kind of house I’ll live in, meeting my foreign husband and living a blissful life by a beach. BUT of course reality always sets in and I eventually have to make the miserable journey to the airport to leave. And I always find myself reminiscing of the surroundings that I’ve become accustomed to in a matter of days or weeks, even the smallest of things like the local supermarkets and restaurants, the same locals I’d pass by every day and the same spot I’d choose every day on the beach… They all suddenly become distant but such sweet memories.
I wonder if I’ll ever learn how to actually have an excitable journey home!

What simple things do you enjoy about travel?

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6 responses to “Five Simple Things I Love About Travel

  1. I can totally relate to these, especially the mornings! I’ve slept in some super comfortable beds abroad, but I’ve never once refused to get up because there’s so much out there to see and do and explore. Contrast that with trying to get me out of bed at home… An impossible task! I’m even in bed right now, reading blogs instead of getting up for work. I need a holiday…

    • I’m glad to hear! Yes that’s another reason I love mornings abroad, the start of so many great days to come in beautiful places! I always need a holiday haha! Where are you next off to?

      • I’ve got a mini break in Lisbon at the start of June, but even that seems too far away! If you can think of any advice to get me through the mornings until then, let me know 😉

      • Oh it’ll fly by! You’ll have to let me know how it is, I’m visiting Lisbon on my tour in Late June ☺ I wish I knew how to get through these mornings, especially today it’s raining and muggy, worst combination!

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