NYE Post | Reflecting on 2015 & Welcoming 2016

2016 has arrived. That’s it. Goodbye 2015. Or does it have to be a goodbye? I understand how some say farewell to the year and hurry to put it in their past, because technically that’s what it is – the past. But can you really say goodbye to a whole year as quick as January 1st arrives, which really is just another tomorrow?

Personally my 2015 has got me where I am now and the things I hope to achieve in 2016 have been mapped out by my fortunes/misfortunes of the year just gone. This time last year, I was jotting down big dreams about how 2016 would be my ‘year for travel’ and I would stick out just one more year of full-time work and then jet off somewhere exotic to fulfil my dream. A few months into 2015, it took a bit of a dive and I wasn’t enjoying my job, things in life seemed to be changing all the time, so I almost felt that my high hopes for 2016 would completely disappear.

By the late Summer this year, I had a realisation. I can’t explain what sparked it, but it just happened and I finally started thinking seriously about my dreams, instead of just pushing them to the side for ‘another day’.

After a few weeks of serious thinking and research, I did what had seemed so untouchable to me for so long. I booked a 5 week tour of Western Europe for the Summer of 2016. It’s crazy how easily I just let myself do it. I completely let go, stopped worrying and fearing the worst, stopped caring to an extent, believed in myself again and simply put my money down. Just like that.

So in June next year I’ll be setting off, meeting a whole variety of other travelers, exploring beautiful parts of Europe including Paris, Interlaken, Milan, Rome, Cinque Terre, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, Lisbon and the Greek Islands. Most importantly I’ll be doing what I’ve always wanted to do – experience freedom and explore the world (well, Europe… but it’s a start!). The thing is, for me this is not just a trip, it is the beginning of things to come. I truly believe that.

And the rest of 2015 wasn’t all too bad. Things changed as I started a new role within my company, which has been a great experience for me. I continued to work on my blog and I have a lot of ideas for next year. I learned new things about life, about myself and those around me which have inspired me if anything to have an even more creative mindset than I had before. That sounds a little crazy. I had 3 amazing trips to 3 beautiful places, Portugal, Greece and just recently Rome, Italy for a little Winter break.


I’m starting 2016 with a positive outlook on life and work in particular, I’m determined to work hard, keep saving towards my travels and continue gaining experience. Hopefully I’ll have time for some fun too! My other main goals surround my blog and everything that I want to accomplish from it. I’ve been planning things slowly all year but now I seem to be more serious about it than ever, and I have more to say than ever so I can’t wait to continue writing and networking.

So how about you? What did 2015 do for you and what do you hope to see from 2016?

To follow my journey, you can find me on Instagram @lucethurlo_ and on Twitter @lucyTRVL.


6 responses to “NYE Post | Reflecting on 2015 & Welcoming 2016

  1. So jealous of the five-week tour! Just out of curiousity, is this interrailing? Where did you book it / how did you go about it? Looking forward to more of your posts this year 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment April! It’s not actually interrailing, what I did was join 3 trips into one of all the places I was most interested in seeing through 2 companies, STA travel and G Adventures. Most of my transportation is all included and I know I have a lot of train journeys so it may be very similar to interrailing, I guess I won’t know for sure until I’m there! Both companies have a lot of really good trips on offer, I just couldn’t decide on one and luckily joining these 3 trips worked out perfectly as all the start and end dates matched each other perfectly :). You should definitely check it out if thinking of doing something similar. Happy new year!

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