Travel Decisions: Part Two | Stop waiting & start booking

If you’re reading this now, it’s most likely because you just read my previous post Travel Decisions Part One, if you haven’t read that yet you might want to so you can understand where I’m coming from as I write this…

However if you really don’t wanna read the first one, I’ll give a brief outline of the contents of that blog post now. It was Monday afternoon and I sat in a coffee shop on my own with my tablet, not only writing that post but also thinking a lot about a big decision I had to make in regards to my first ever solo trip I’ve been planning for Summer 2016.


My main plan is to spend over a month traveling Europe. The accompaniment to my plan is that I hope to document every part of it on this blog giving my most honest and realistic insight. There are many reasons why I chose Europe to be the destination of choice for my first ever solo trip, which I will cover in my next post. I had debated a couple of different options with my STA travel expert and had eventually settled on 3 trips which I grouped together to make one great adventure. All of the departure dates worked alongside each other perfectly as if the trip was meant to be. I’d asked as many questions as I could think possible at the time and I was happy with it but I was still holding back from putting my deposit down. Why? Who knows? Fear of letting go?


The day after, I had one more long, hard think and in the afternoon I called my travel agent and I told her I’d be happy to put my deposit down. That exact part – I did with not much thought at all. It was almost impulsive. I just dialled the number and gave over my details and boom! It was done. Crazy or not? I think I had come to the conclusion in my head that if I could just have the courage to book, I’d be so relieved and I wouldn’t look back and contemplate any further because it was done. It was well and truly DONE. A trip I’ve been waiting for for so long and I had finally taken that little leap of faith and booked. Even just reading this paragraph back to myself, I’m instantly filled with pure excitement.


So on June 4th 2016 I will be leaving England. My first stop will be Paris before moving on to Interlaken, Switzerland and then on to Milan and Rome. From Rome, I’ll be traveling to Pisa, the Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre, Monaco and Nice. A short flight from Nice and I will arrive in Barcelona (a city I am buzzing to see) and will travel to Granada and Seville, through to Lagos in the Algarve, then Lisbon and finishing that part of the trip in Madrid. At this stage in my trip, I will have hopefully met and befriended around 30 other travel buddies and I’ll be preparing for the next and final leg of my tour which will consist of my last day in Madrid all on my own before catching a flight to Athens the next morning. In Athens, I will meet my final group of travellers to sail the Greek Islands (Santorini, Mykonos and Ios) and end my trip on a high!

If you’d like to follow my journey then you would make me very happy and can most definitely do so by checking out my Twitter and Instagram profiles. I honestly intend to show as much realism on my trip as possible, share real and helpful information whether good or bad to show you exactly what to expect and exactly what you might be missing by holding back on your dream tour like I almost did…

As always, I’m happy to chat and meet like-minded travellers! Connect with me | Twitter: @lucyTRVL | Instagram: @lucethurlo_.


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