Lucy Loves London: #1 Southbank

Ahh Southbank. Southbank in the Summer, Southbank in the Winter, I love Southbank. I’m not writing an ode to Southbank here but I do bloody love the place.

I remember going there when I was about 17 on a trip with my film studies class to visit the BFI (British Film Institute). This was just around the time I was exploring my arty, creative kind of side and really enjoying who I was and what I was learning. I loved film, but now I love travel even more. And I’ve spent many days exploring London in the past 5 years and have grown to know many areas, popular landmarks, some good restaurants and I love knowing that I am guaranteed to discover something new every time I go. But Southbank never bores me, it never gets old. Walking there within 5 minutes just as I arrive at Waterloo station is a great convenience to me and so many others, especially tourists seeing as Southbank is home to a cluster of tourist attractions including the London Eye, London Dungeons and the newest addition Shreks Adventure.

The River Thames runs by the Southbank and over the Thames, the houses of parliament and Big Ben stand proud. Just last week I went for a stroll past the art at Hayward Gallery (currently involving a giant slide) and also to peruse the Southbank Centre Food Market. Here I purchased an amazing grilled cheese sandwich and some raspberry Portuguese tarts for afterwards. I won’t lie, I could’ve eaten loads more but I would have returned home poor. It’s amazing and food markets are my new found love but they are pricey so I wouldn’t make a habit of going every week!


A couple of weeks before this, I walked from London Bridge to Southbank, passing the Millennium Bridge on the way which I crossed half way to take photos then I came back to browse the Tate Modern, which I controversially didn’t enjoy that much. Sorry artists.
A little further along I passed the Oxo Tower, pretty cool building. Oh, on the other side of the Thames at this point by the way, there’s great views of the Walkie Talkie, The Gherkin and The Cheesegrater (more good photo opportunities). When I eventually got closer to South bank, I passed the ITV building and discovered some more nice restaurants (future lunch and dinners for me YAY). Even better than restaurants – in some people’s opinion – were several food vans serving pizza, Mexican food, frozen yogurt and more! It can be a dangerous place to stroll – it makes me want EVERYTHING.



Told you the views were good...

Southbank encompasses a little bit of a lot of things I really, really like. There is food, there is art and in particular film-inspired arts, fun tourist spots, great views and photo opps, street performers, events and markets and above all of this it has a great atmosphere and vibrancy that is almost infectious. I’m always happy here and I kinda wanna go now actually…

Stay tuned for my #2 favourite spot in London.

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One response to “Lucy Loves London: #1 Southbank

  1. I completely agree Lucy. It’s one of my favourite places in London to just sit on a bench and watch the world go by πŸ™‚ You can’t beat a sunny Sunday stroll along that part of the river.

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