Photo Blog & Monthly Update: JULY

July began with the hottest day of the year in almost a whole decade. It peaked up to 36 degrees but it was actually the stickiest, most humid kind of heat which is so unpleasant to be in when you’re at home packing your suitcase and doing last minute bits before traveling to Portugal the next day. In England we’re not exactly equipped for very hot days either so the one solitary fan we had in our house was not doing much justice!

My excitable Twitter uploads on the hottest day of the year…

So I departed for Portugal at 9am on July 2nd for a week in the sunshine. I was travelling to Faro to then stay in Carvoeiro in the Algarve, a place I’ve been to before but am convinced I will never tire of!

Just like a postcard! So pretty

Hidden coves in Carvoeiro


Beautiful Praia do Carvoeiro



The day after I returned to England was my grandmothers birthday and we celebrated by taking a trip to Windsor and having lunch at Cafe Rouge. It was a warm, sunny day and the food was perfect with lovely service and my grandmother could not have been happier!

Shopping in Windsor

Windsor Castle


11th July was the day I’d been waiting for since December 8th, my birthday as my boyfriend bought me tickets to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley and it was well worth the wait! Wembley Stadium – for those who don’t know – has a hold capacity of 90,000 people. It is HUGE. Ed filled the whole thing and his performance was amazing! 

Wembley Stadium and the amazing Ed Sheeran



On an unfortunately very cloudy day in England, I took a day trip to the seaside town of Weymouth where I looked at turtles and fish and watched a seal show at Sealife before walking along the beach, eating some fish and chips and spending a whole bunch of dolla in the arcade before the drive home. Although I didn’t exactly love Weymouth, it was a nice day spent with friends exploring somewhere different in my own country.

Sunset in Weymouth. A nice change from the grey clouds


Finally – I have been wanting to visit Borough Market for aaaaages and I finally went with my brother and fell in love with it. The market was great but the whole area surrounding it was just as wonderful. There’s a lot of history to it. The selection of food was amazing and I just loved the whole vibe in general. Great day out followed by a scenic walk along the River Thames all the way back to Waterloo.


Entrance to Borough Market. Notice The Shard poking up in the background



A small selection of my favourite Instagram uploads from July. 


August, I hope will be an exciting month for me work-wise and I will definitely be cramming in some more London adventures to share on the blog. However I’ll have to see the month of August through until I can travel again at the beginning of September to the Greek Islands – very excited! I still have work to do on the blog and will be posting Portugal blog post as well as a US post very soon so keep an eye out!

As always, I’m happy to chat and meet like-minded travellers! Connect with me | Twitter: @lucyTRVL | Instagram: @lucy.trvl


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