In Pictures: Portugal so far…

So right now I’m in Carvoeiro, a small fishing village in the Algarve, Portugal. I’m here for a week and I’m currently half way through my stay at Pestana Palm Gardens, a beautiful apartment resort with sunny yellow detail on the villas, bright pink flowers and you guessed it, lots of palm trees. It’s the first week of July so luckily it’s still pretty quiet and calm here and it’s also scorching with temperatures reaching 35 degrees every day. We were also upgraded to a two-storey villa with all the rooms we could want but don’t need… I’m not one to complain!

Carvoeiro is a pretty tourist town dominated by yes, the Brits but there’s a fair share of Europeans and Americans as well and of course the lovely Portuguese locals. My days so far have consisted of walks around the surrounding areas of the town, exploring the beach and other hidden coves, following the newly built boardwalk past the ocean and browsing the local shops, enjoying the cuisines and of course basking in the glorious heat.

Just thought I’d update my blog with some of the photos I’ve been sharing on my Instagram each day…

Praia do Carvoeiro

One of the apartments in the resort in between the palms.

While exploring, I came across an abandoned restaurant, here’s part of it with a sleeping stray kitty, there are quite a few of them around.

Cute entrances to home (above and below) I love palm trees.

The new boardwalk that runs along the ocean and directs you to the main town. Beautiful views.

Thanks for reading!
For more of my Portugal photos and to follow my travel photo updates, please check out my instagram account by searching: @lucy.trvl

More Portugal based blogs to come!


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