A Review & Chat with ‘Outbound’ Travel App Creators

‘Outbound’ is almost like the social network of travel apps. It provides a multitude of features and functions for every type of traveler to share their travel information, whether it’s discussing upcoming events they’ll be attending in a destination or asking fellow travelers for advice regarding hotels, airports, landmarks, restaurants – you name it.

Once you sign up to Outbound, you creature a profile for yourself complete with a short bio, a profile photo and options to refine what kind of travelers appear in your ‘Search’ section. Much like a social network, there are features to ‘add friends’ and send personal messages. You can have a backlog of countries you’ve visited and add countries you’ll be traveling to in the near future to let people know when and where you’re headed. This function is great for the backpacker traveler if you’re looking for some form of companionship, whether that is for the entirety of your travels or a small part of your adventure.


I’m not writing this post as a professional techie but as a traveler who has been on the search for a social app to connect with others which is completely centered around travel only. It doesn’t matter what type of traveler you are, you can customize your settings in order to connect with the right type of traveler for you. You don’t have to be a techie either because I found it easy to create an account and I got to grips with the different functions pretty fast.

Additional features that I find pretty cool include the ‘WiFi Finder’ which allows you basically to share great wi-fi spots that you come across on your travels to then allow other Outbound users to locate if traveling in the same area! Very helpful! Also good is the ‘Noticeboard’, much like a forum with users posting and commenting on different topics ranging from best places to eat in a city, recommended hotels or even offering to sell/buy items in a specific destination.


It seems to me that the Outbound app has no limits for travelers to discuss absolutely all things travel wherever they are in the world! It’s a professional design with easy functions, a simple layout and no annoying ads! It’s free and available on Android and Apple so what are you waiting for?!

Just in case my views on the app aren’t quite enough, I had a chat with Ryan Hanly, one half of the team behind Outbound. Outbound was the brainchild of two avid travellers, Ryan and Mark who noticed there was no efficient way for travellers to connect with each other when they arrived in a destination. After much procrastination, it was a chance meeting with a group of backpackers on the Gold Coast that provided the final motivation to actually create the concept. The backpackers loved the idea and insisted that Ryan and Mark actually do something about it. And from that, Outbound was born…

Considering the main features of Outbound how do you think it stands out from other travel apps?

– I feel our app has a number of different dimensions which really differentiates us from other travel apps. Not only are we a social network for Travelers, but we also have the noticeboard, events feature, Wi-Fi finder and the ability to match trips and see who’s heading to a destination at same time view as you. All of these features really set us apart from other travel apps which may only have one of these features.

What type of travelers would you describe yourselves as?

– Both Mark and I are quite adventurous travellers. We enjoy some structure in travel but enjoy the adventure of spontaneous travel the most. This is where plans change and agendas go out the window. This is normally where your best travel memories are formed. You won’t see us laying in a resort for a week too often!

How did you relate your personal experiences with travel when creating the app?

– Both of us have travelled solo quite extensively. So we really just sat down and listed the things that we would’ve liked when we were travelling solo ourselves. That really formed the foundation of the features that were included in the final concept.

What do you hope Outbound will bring to travelers who use it?

– We really just want to create a sense of community. Travelers have always enjoyed meeting and helping other travellers. So that’s all we really want to achieve. Different people will get different things out of Outbound, but it’s that sense of community that we really want to construct as a whole.

Outbound’s aim is to simply make travelling easier and to help travellers connect. Ryan and Mark’s hope is that you’ll make some lifelong friends along the way too.

Check out the Outbound website here – www.outboundapp.org – and find them on Twitter – @outboundapp


As always, I’m happy to chat and meet like-minded travellers! Connect with me | Twitter: @lucyTRVL | Instagram: @lucy.trvl


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