Travel Fears | I Got 9 Problems But The Flight Ain’t One

There is nothing I would love more than to be the most sunny, happy-go-lucky, carefree traveler in the world but unfortunately I am not. I have my worries just like any other… non-sunny, happy-go-lucky, carefree traveler. So in no particular order, here are 9 problems that I’m faced with either on the anticipated lead-up to my trip or during my travels!

1. DECISION MAKING (& timekeeping) – When it comes to making good decisions, I definitely succeed in awful decisiveness. I can make a good decision, it’s just I might waste a good year or so coming to a conclusion. I can’t decide what food I want to eat, what clothes I want to wear, how much money I want to spend, what the right activity will be to spend both money and time on without stressing myself out in the process. It’s most frustrating when I’m taking time-keeping and organisation of a trip into consideration. I always want to get the most out of a trip before your times up and you have to board that plane home. Regret is NOT a good feeling!

2. SOLO OR GROUP – This really relates to when I eventually make my decision to travel long term and full-time, will I want company or will I simply go it alone? And what option would I actually prefer? I’ve read a lot of blogs about solo travel and the advantages of it. You can discover a lot about yourself without influences coming from family or friends. You can gain a lot of skills in confidence and independence. You can organise each day as you wish and make all of your own decisions (maybe not such a good idea for me). Traveling in a group brings a sense of comfort being around people you know along with great memories to share for the rest of your lives. It’s a toughie, a group adventure or YOLO solo?


3. TECHNOLOGY – Do I have enough battery/memory/charging equipment for my cameras? One of the most important things for me when I travel is to take as many photographs as possible so I never forget where I’ve been and how I felt when I was in that place. Also they’re pretty. Oh, and I like Instagram. So I constantly double check all of the equipment I’m packing. Imagine the horror at arriving at your destination to find that while fiddling with all your tech at home, you completely forgot to pack your charger to your camera. SHEER DEVASTATION.

4. MEDICAL PROBLEM – Falling ill in a foreign country. My WORST nightmare! I dislike hospitals enough in my home country, let alone hospitals and health systems in foreign countries. This is not something I would necessarily worry about beforehand but if it actually happened, it’d definitely be one of my biggest fears.

5. CORRECT DOCUMENTS – Probably the most important one and most common one – do I have all of the correct paperwork to actually board my flight and survive when I’ve landed? I check about a billion times the night before and another billion on the morning before leaving my house. Do I have my passport? Do I have my boarding pass? Do I have my travel insurance? Do I have my Euros?! It stresses me out to. the. MAX.

6. AIRPORT SECURITY– I wouldn’t say it panics me but there’s always that doubt in my mind that I haven’t checked all of the compartments in my carry-on. If that wasn’t enough, now there is the added pressure of making sure all of your technological devices have enough power to prove they are the real deal. The facial expressions on a lot of airport security guards definitely do NOT help to put my mind at ease!


7. CORRECT CLOTHING/BAGGAGE – Although you can always have a rough idea, you can never know exactly whether the clothing you’ve packed is appropriate enough regarding weather and other restrictions depending on where your destination is. Be sure to consider everything (including what might happen – besides a mild nervous breakdown – if your airline lose a suitcase) and pack wisely!

8. CUISINE – I like to consider myself somewhat of a ‘foodie’ and I almost believe it to be true until I arrive in a foreign country and find myself skimming menu after menu before eventually avoiding every restaurant in sight in fear that I won’t enjoy a meal (food is VERY important). In future, I’d like to be a little more risky and also will refrain from labeling myself a ‘foodie’, more an ‘avid food-instagrammer’.

9. MONEY – So…. Unfortunately for me, I’m not quite a millionaire yet and as much as I want to see the world, I haven’t yet excelled in the art of finding super cheap travel like so many other travel bloggers I see jetting off all the time on a low budget! I guess I struggle to let go of the little luxuries that I like to have when I’m travelling so instead I save money all year and try to afford as many trips as I can that I know I’ll enjoy to their maximum potential. I save more and more money every month to my travel fund which I intend to spend eventually either on a long term trip of a lifetime or various smaller-scaled trips. But guess what? I CAN’T DECIDE WHICH! Seriously if anybody can give me tips on budget travel and finding cheap flights, it would be greatly appreciated ;).


Funnily enough, the most common travel-related worry is something that doesn’t really bother me at all. The flight. In fact, I almost look forward to it. I love take-off and the thought of being up in the air and wondering what the next however many hours will bring. I’ve only ever experienced a little turbulence but you can’t board every flight and fear that you’re gonna have a bumpy ride because you’re most likely not going to. If anything, you’re biggest fear should be the in-flight entertainment and the choice of aeroplane food on offer. That’s a real worry!

I hope this blog relates to many! What common problems/anxieties do you face when traveling?

Also apologies for the ridiculous pun in the title of this post. What can I say? Jay-Z inspired me on the day I published this!

As always, I’m happy to chat and meet like-minded travellers! Connect with me | Twitter: @lucethurlo | Instagram: @lucethurlo_.


2 responses to “Travel Fears | I Got 9 Problems But The Flight Ain’t One

  1. My most common anxiety is the feeling I get on the plane of ‘have I done the right thing?’ / ‘Will I enjoy it there or will I get into some kind of ‘I can’t do this’ panic?’. This usually dissipates upon my travelling from the airport to the centre of town. Usually.

    Cheap flights? I tend to use the website Skyscanner – it can’t do multi-destination trips but for one-ways and returns it’s pretty awesome.

    Solo v Group – I usually travel solo but there are times when, if not full-on group travel, at least meeting and arranging with one or two other people is useful (if you’re going off-road for instance). But I tend to find this can be organised on-the-ground rather than beforehand – you might meet people while travelling who are headed that way anyway.

    As for clothing … I’m British. I am 63% rainwater by volume :p
    Virtually everywhere I go is warmer and drier than home, so I guess my packing is much easier than most people. It’s interesting I need to take more for 3 days at my mothers’ house than 5 weeks around West Africa 🙂

  2. Great article. I clicked on the title because my sister is only terrified of the flying part. She doesn’t care about anything else. She actually had a panic attack the first (and only) time she tried to fly international and had to get off the plane.

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