London at Christmas |No Place like Home

I remember having a couple of friends at school whose families would always travel to tropical climates such as Florida to spend their Christmases and I remember always thinking how I could never ever imagine spending my Christmas anywhere but home. Despite my passion for travel as I’ve grown older, these feelings still haven’t changed. I’m so glad I have these sentiments, even more so now that I’m older I can enjoy so many things about Christmas in my amazing capital city of London.

I’ve expressed my love for London in previous posts but the time I love London most is in the Winter when the city is crowded with festive shoppers hurrying around the shops and hiding out in cafes to grab a hot coffee and a moment of comfort away from our bitter cold weather. Despite this sometimes unbearable cold, the city still has a certain sense of warmth as it shines with layers of twinkling Christmas lights hanging high above the streets. It’s a very pretty city.

London at Christmas feels to me like it’s at the height of British-ness. However, one of the most popular events in London is Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park giving us a taste of Europe since 2007 with a long array of Christmas markets, rides, ice rinks and ice sculptures and of course a Santa’s grotto. It’s a must if you’re in London – be sure to go when the sun goes down to see all of the colourful lights.

Shopping is great fun in London whether it’s striding up and down Oxford Street or finding something unique in the Christmas markets in places such as Covent Garden or Southbank, or heaving through the massive kingdom of retail that is Westfield (also complete at Christmas time with an indoor ice rink). I always enjoy Oxford Street and I catch some lunch in one of the many restaurants in St Christopher’s Place, just off Oxford street – hard to miss at this time of the year for its decorations! Take another turning down Great Marlborough Street to reach Liberty, the most adorable department store.

Other areas to fuel your festive spirits include Regent Street, Trafalgar Square (the home of London’s Christmas tree given as a gift from Norway), Leicester Square for all kinds of seasonal fun and Knightsbridge just simply to see the beautifully-lit Harrods at night time, along with the store window displays which have a different and impressive theme each year.

Lastly I wanted to share a few snaps I managed to take this Christmas in London and wish all of you, whether you are traveling or at home – like myself – a very happy and safe Christmas! x


Double Decker on Oxford Street, Christmas 2014


The London Eye and Southbank at night.


Christmas Tree in the markets at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park


The ice rink at Westfield shopping centre in London


Alpen Hotel Funhouse at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park!


Festive St Christopher’s Place, London


Harrods, Knightsbridge, Night time.


Santa on his sleigh in the Harrods window display

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