In Pictures: Poreč, Croatia

For this blog, I wanted to try something a little different. I’m aware it’s been done before and that I’m definitely not the inventor but I’ve taken inspiration from others and accumulated some of my photographs from my trip to the lovely town of Porec, Croatia to create a photo blog.


So here is the start of my journey, the two and a half hour flight to Pula Airport and the best shot I could possibly manage from my awkward angle on the plane – The Alps which the Captain kindly pointed out to us as we were approaching them!


After the transfer on the coach from Pula Airport, we arrived at a bus station where a guide from the hotel walked us 5 minutes to the town and harbour where we caught the hotel’s complimentary boat service over to the Fortuna Island Hotel on St Nikola island. This is a view of the hotel nestled amongst the greenery of this very scenic island.


And here we have the most beautiful view to start off every day as I walked out of the hotel lobby. That’s the main town of Porec just over the water and that’s a cute water feature on the terrace. There’s always something so tranquil about the sound of trickling water combined with the warmth in the air and a stunning atmosphere like this.

DSCN1785A closer look as we approached the town of Porec on the hotel boat service from St Nikola island. The town is so pretty filled with very old-fashioned cobbled streets lined with hundreds of touristic shops and quaint restaurants serving up mainly Croatian, Italian and Meditarranean cuisine.


One thing I love to explore whenever I’m traveling is the different architecture and Porec delivered some beautiful buildings – some very, very old! I love to look up and around as I’m walking down a street to see the battered walls and cracks in the paint, the flowerpots on the window sills, the terracotta-tiled rooves and all of the different coloured shutters and doors. This photo is one of my favourites taken from the whole trip.


In contrast this half of the promenade along the waterfront of Porec had a more modern, stylistic vibe to it. The buildings were pastel-coloured and all quite immaculate. There are some great cocktail bars in this area, serving amazing ice cream as well.

IMG_6848 (2)

The entrance to The Euphrasian Basilica, the pride of Porec. It is a protected building as part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s church tower holds a prominent position on the perspective view of Porec (as you will see in my photo’s).


This is the City Hall of Porec. I always walked by – not really knowing what the building was until I started seeing it plastered onto keyrings and mugs in the souvenir shops along the harbour – I thought it was an interesting building with the greatest palm trees outside (I love palm trees).


The building on the left is the Torre Rotonda, a medieval round tower renovated into a cafe and an open bar at the top of the tower with great views of the town of Porec. The building on the left is Veneto Banka – the prettiest bank you’ll ever see, because it’s pink ;).


With a lot of watersports available on the island, of course we had to partake in something before the trip was up, so hiring a pedalo seemed the best option for someone who is not athletic in the slightest. We spent an hour pedaling around the island, taking in the views and taking some snaps, but most of that hour was spent deciding when the best time would be to take a slide down into the water. We were told the night before by a German tourist that the sea was swimming with jellyfish. As a child I was once stung by a jellyfish so this terrified me a little although the lovely man in the rental place assured us he had ‘the cream’ if it were to happen! Anyway I’m pleased to say I went down the slide ONCE with no jellyfish-inflicted injuries, but once was enough!


For some reason I never sampled this beach, just because I loved the hotel pool so much I guess. However I took a walk on my last night in Porec and took some nice shots from here. It’s a man-made beach on St Nikola Island, with loungers for hire and a bar close by with snacks and drinks so I kinda regret not giving it a chance. There’s always next time.

10429319_10152457957004337_5263488005906498461_n (2)

A night-time shot of Porec. The town had some lively restaurants and bars in a few different spots but generally the atmosphere at night as still pretty chilled. I enjoyed a few cocktails in a bar on the waterfront called Cafe Del Mar and I often bought some sweet crepes from a stand along the harbour. Mmmm… I do miss those crepes!


Finally to end this photo blog (PHLOG if you will) here’s a shot I managed to catch of the catamaran that I sailed on from Porec to Venice. Watch this space to read all about my experience in Venice in a future blog post!

Thanks for reading, there are a lot of photo’s from Porec that I simply couldn’t make room for in this blog but you can find them on my PHOTOGRAPHY page so feel free to check them out!


7 responses to “In Pictures: Poreč, Croatia

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  2. Thanks Lucy. Just read the Venice blog. I’m off to Porec in 2 weeks and will certainly be doing the Venice trip. Following in your footsteps 🙂

    • Lucky you! If you need any more tips on the Venice trip let me know! But it really is a MUST if you’re staying in Porec. Enjoy your trip!

      • I’m taking my 5DIII, 16-35mm and 24-105 (and polariser filters of course). Would you recommend any other kit for either Porec or Venice?

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