Liebster Award!

So… thanks to Paula and Gordy at ContentedTraveller I got nominated for a Liebster Award! I admit I’d never heard of it before but it basically seems like a cool way of connecting with other travel bloggers through a series of questions posed by the blogger who nominated you. You give your answers to their questions and then think of some of your own to nominate at least 5 new bloggers. I’m not sure if there are any official Liebster Award rules and who knows if I’m even doing this the right way?! But I’m grateful for the nomination so here are my answers… πŸ™‚

1. What made you decide to take up this wonderful gig of travel writing?

I started travel writing in December 2013 at a time when I wasn’t quite feeling my happiest. I started to feel a lot of frustration and confusion towards my future, mainly my career choices. To cut a long story short, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life anymore and as someone who tends to dream big and constantly likes to plan things, it was getting difficult for me. I lost all motivation and passion for the career path I once wanted to take – the film industry. So I left a job which made me miserable and I took time out to think about what I really wanted to do. In the end, I decided to focus on the one thing I’d always loved, which was writing. I loved being creative and somewhere along the line I discovered travel blogging and thought it was the perfect option for me – to combine two of the things I love most in this world! So I created my blog and my twitter account, quickly started connecting with other bloggers from all corners of the world and I completely love it and I’m so glad that I started when I did, I’m now a much happier person πŸ™‚

2. What has been the biggest eye opener in this endeavor?

I never thought it would be so easy to start interacting with so many different kinds of people from all over the world. One minute I can be speaking to a fellow blogger from Australia, the next a blogger from America or Mexico, or France or Italy, or India. The list is never-ending! Speaking to people with different backgrounds and cultures is one of the best things about travel blogging.

3. When you read other travel blogs what is the first thing you look at?

I love photography and the idea of being able to visualize what I’m reading about, so the more photo’s a blog has the more I am interested. In terms of writing, I find it encouraging to be able to sense someone’s genuine passion for their subject and if they can relate it to themselves personally, I think that makes it an even more interesting read. I occassionally like to read how a place has had an emotional effect on someone but I also love some comedy stories too ;).

4. What is one piece of advice you can share with people trying to get into travel blogging?

First of all, have a clear idea in your mind about what you’d like to blog about/how you want your blog to look/who you would like to share the blog with etc. I feel one of the most important qualities to have when blogging is perseverance. You must be able persevere with the progress of your blog because there will be times when you feel completely demotivated when you’re not getting enough views, when you’re suffering from writers block, when people start to unfollow you on Twitter! Blogging can be hard when you have a full-time job on the side (like me) but when you’re not working, just try to follow and and chat to as many travel bloggers as you can on Twitter. Post tweets often and write posts often and share them regularly with all of your social media followers and friends.

5. How do you explain to your friends what you do?

Only a few of my very close friends actually know that I write a travel blog. Those friends know how much I love travel so it’s easy to tell them what I do and it’s nice to get their encouragement :).

6. How do you balance social media and writing?

Twitter is my main form of social media for exposing my travel writing. I became a Pinterest user this year and it’s my new addiction, but as much as I’ve tried to use that as well by sharing some of my photography, it hasn’t quite taken off. I have a nice balance between my social media and my writing, however it’s sometimes much easier to write a quick tweet then spend hours perfecting a blog post, and I do wish this was reversed sometimes. I wish I had more time to write my blogs and sometimes when I have the time, I’m almost out of the blog mode and find it hard to know where to begin with my next blog. However I still consider myself very new to this blogging world and I’m slowly but surely figuring out exactly what I want to do and how to do it. I’m not complaining! πŸ™‚

7. How do you publicize how wonderful your blog is?

That is mainly what I’m working on now – trying to make my blog more appealing to the reader and getting it noticed more among the large variety of amazing travel blogs that are out there! I’ve found it to be probably one of the most difficult parts of blogging. I don’t exactly have a degree in web design or anything similar so I’m really just taking it step by step and trying to pick up tips where I can. I recently changed the whole layout of my blog as well as the name (I was HalcyonTravelBlog previously) to try and make it a little more personal and hopefully unique.

So there are my answers! Once again thanks to Paula and Gordy at Contented Traveller for nominating me, don’t forget to check out their wonderful blog as well!

I now nominate the following travel bloggers for a Liebster Award:
Sisters in the Sand

Sunny in London

The Runaway Club


Belinda Higgins

And my questions to you guys are:
1. What is your main purpose for travelling?
2. What are the main qualities you look for when reading a travel blog?
3. Do you have a job as well as travel blogging? How do you balance the two out?
4. What country besides your own would you choose to live in?
5. Have you ever returned to the same place more than once? Why?
6. What are your top tips for newbie travel bloggers to get their blog noticed in the social media world?
7. Do you consider yourself a tourist or a traveller when you’re away from home?
8. Finally, name your most favourite country you’ve visited and why you love it so much.

Get involved only if you want to, answer the questions in a blog post and nominate some of your favourite bloggers to continue the Liebster Award celebrations!


2 responses to “Liebster Award!

  1. We certainly picked a very worthy recipient with you Lucy. I love your answers and your honesty. We look forward to reading more of your work and working with you again.

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