Port D’Alcudia | A Dream Beach on a Budget

I came to Alcudia in Mallorca for an affordable last-minute trip in October 2013 and have to confess it is my first time visiting Spain. Spain hasn’t always been my first option when searching for holidays in the past, but the package I found in Alcudia seemed perfect so I took the plunge. While I can’t quite afford the stunning views in the Maldives, Fiji or Hawaii just yet, Port d’Alcúdia proved to be an amazing (and much cheaper) alternative with it’s striking views and clear turquoise sea.

The basis of my trip here was pure relaxation, so this post will focus primarily on the beautiful beach of Alcudia – the kind of beach that appears in my dreams. Walking through crystal clear waters whilst being able to watch my feet take steps on the beautifully rippled sand. Not a single piece of seaweed in my way, not a single sharp rock to surprise my feet with a jab! The water here is very shallow very far out, which makes for a nice stroll as you warm up to the water. I can’t stand walking into the sea at a beach where your first few steps suddenly take a fall  into a freezing cold deep sea – you feel you need to embrace it but just can’t wait to get back to sunbathing!

Turquoise Sea

Almost 30 degree heat in October! The beautiful turquoise tinted sea in Alcudia

Something else that’s refreshing at Alcudia’s Blue Flag beach is the entirety of your surrounding view. It’s a very long coastline, in one direction you have beautiful apartments and hotels, in another the town in the distance which then leads onto the harbour, rows and rows of boats; and all the while a glistening sheet of blue surrounds you (when the sun is shining, and let’s face it – it is 90% of the time). On my first day at the beach I immediately noticed how spotless the sand was, this added to the tranquil vibe and overall views of the beach which was also lined with tropical palm trees. Before you reach the sand, there is a very wide boardwalk that stretches along the 14km beach, where dog walkers, joggers and cyclists can often be seen – I found this both in the daytime and the evening when eating in the beach restaurants overlooking the stunning beach view.

From the harbour

A view from the harbour

I must add that I went to Alcudia out of season, so I can imagine my shimmering vision of the sea would be more than slightly obscured by large crowds of holiday makers in the main Summer season. Honestly I would go back to Alcudia, in or out of season, because it’s not the type of Spanish town to be crowded with lively teens falling in and out of nightclubs. The town area is mainly dominated by restaurants, shops and some bars.

My hotel was not directly on the beach but just a 5 minute walk away. When I visit again, I have already picked the next hotel I’ll be booking, it’s in prime position on the beach and always looked so glorious as I walked by it, especially lit up at night. It’s part of the same company of hotels I stayed with (Viva Hotels) so I can only hope that the prices would be fairly reasonable, however I’d be extremely tempted to rent one of the apartments along the beach next time also! My first Spanish experience was a very pleasant one, I met some lovely people, sampled brilliant food, enjoyed plenty relaxation and thoroughly enjoyed my surroundings. Next stop in Spain for me is Barcelona!

The setting sun at Alcudia beach, on one of my evening strolls. Beautiful!

The setting sun at Alcudia beach, on one of my evening strolls. Beautiful!

For more photo’s of Alcudia – check out my PHOTOGRAPHY page!


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